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IT Process & Documenation


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Find, track and know everything. Enjoy unmatched efficiencies, transparency and consistency throughout your organization with our award-winning, SOC 2-compliant documentation management platform.

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Track Any Asset


Relationship Mapping


Documentation Automation*

Domain & SSL Tracking

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Secure Password Vault

SOC 2 Compliance


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Documentation Collaboration


Immutable Audit Trail with Restore

Version Control with Rollback

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*Available on the Enterprise plan only.



The simple, smart, and secure solution to help you protect your clients’ digital footprints. MyGlue offers the same password and process functionality of IT Glue, only packaged for small-medium sized businesses. Your clients will experience the same near-instant productivity gains with MyGlue as you’ve come to depend on with IT Glue.

Documentation Automation


Extend your documentation and integrate with your other platforms with our RESTful API. Provide programmatic access to read and write your account data, and connect with third-party tools and systems for which we may not have an integration.

Facilitate the automation of documentation to speed the creation and maintenance of your documentation. The possibilities are limitless.

Track Any Asset


With our completely customizable asset tracking engine, customize and enforce documentation standards to suit even your most specific requirements. Track highly technical elements like wireless, virtualization, and server components or non-technical assets.

You’ll love ensuring that everything is documented and enforced, compliant with your standards, and seamlessly linked with other related documentation. Flexible Assets are fully customizable, so you can track anything you want, your way.

Standardize Your Documentation

Document your applications, devices, passwords and all of your other IT assets in a standardized way. No more spreadsheets, wikis or “stuck in brain somewhere.”

*Available on the Enterprise plan only.

Documentation, KB & SOPs

Develop and organize both general and organization-specific documentation such as standard operating procedures, knowledge-base articles, support manuals, etc. to encourage standardization of support processes, resulting in a more efficient service desk and happier users.

Password Management

Your password vault tightly integrates with the various assets managed within the IT Glue platform, including devices, domains, flexible assets and documents. Embed passwords inside another entity (e.g. device-specific passwords) or create general passwords quickly and easily.

Device Tracking

Track devices simply, efficiently and keep your documentation up-to-date, enabling a higher level of confidence for your team and their clients. Create, import or sync* your servers, workstations, printers, switches, routers, firewalls, etc. and start building meaningful relationships between them.

Adopt Best Practices

Leverage our built-in templates and best practices to learn from others and organize your IT data as efficiently as possible, gaining access to common documentation scenarios and information architectures which can be used or customized as you see fit.

Flexible Asset Tracking

This flagship feature allows you to track all the things you never could figure out how to track out-of-the-box. Quickly and easily identify missing or outdated documentation, not just what’s there. Use our built-in templates to track common IT assets / services including applications, licensing, backup configurations technology standards and network settings – or customize and create your own.

Relationship Mapping

Create and describe relationships between entities to simplify navigation and find what you’re looking for quickly. For example, open an application and see attached licensing PDFs along with two-way links to associated procedures, devices and passwords.

Track Changes and Make Progress

Take advantage of enterprise-grade version management and reporting capabilities, enabling your organization to take control of your diverse data and enable robust, centralized management. Your team will rave about the ability to see progress being made, and drive forward and make progress on your documentation journey.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Our platform has been built from the ground up to meet the stringent requirements of even the most discerning IT groups. These features include granular access control on a per-organization and per-entity basis, complete auditing of all key read/write platform actions, and version control for recoverability & data integrity. We are SOC 2 compliant, which means you can trust in the security of data you input.

Share and Collaborate

Share your documentation securely with anyone, instantly. Leverage the power of collaboration to ensure that even 3rd parties working outside your organization can access and/or update documentation (e.g. passwords, devices, procedures) without compromising your security or fragmenting your documentation. You can even share non-critical documents anonymously with your customers or partners, without requiring sign-in.

Multi-Level Organizational Structure

Organize your IT assets and documentation in nested logical groups (e.g. business units or clients) and locations. Track contacts and manage system users with flexible access control.

Rapid Access with Universal Search

Your team will be able to instantly find exactly what they’re looking for by using our patent pending search technology. Instantly access an organization, device, password or IT asset with just a few key strokes.

Powerful Search

Leverage our innovative search technology to jump directly through thousands of records to the data you seek, whether a device, password, document, location or organization.

Synchronize Your Assets

Connect IT Glue to your PSA tool (ConnectWise & Autotask are both supported) and immediately synchronize key information such as companies, locations, contacts and configuration items.

3rd Party Integration

Rapidly import and continuously sync organizations, locations, contacts and devices from supported apps, enabling you to immediately begin creating meaningful documentation and relationships between and on top of this data.

Documentation software you’ll fall in love with.

Proven, best practices-driven IT documentation platform packed with features designed to help you maximize the efficiency, transparency and consistency of your team. Documentation is your most precious asset… nurture it and gain instant results.