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Connect Everything with One Application

Rely on the business management platform designed to run your technology solution business.

Master Superior Service Delivery

Put People First and Leave the Processes to ConnectWise Manage

Clear lines of communication, error-proof ticketing, powerful documentation. ConnectWise Manage delivers it all, so you have the power to efficiently use your resources. Capture and track every step, maximize visibility, and establish workflows so you can deliver exceptional customer service.

Know Your Business Better

See Every Vital Detail with ConnectWise Manage Reporting

Make strategic, data-driven decisions for your business with powerful reporting and informative dashboards. Discover a centralized view of every aspect of your business.

business better

Discover Fast, Full-Visibility Billing

Funnel Everything through ConnectWise Manage to Make Billing More Accurate

From tracking time to invoicing and billing, stay on top of your finances and stop wasting time on manual and repeatable tasks. With built-in automation from ConnectWise Manage, you can start taking advantage of full visibility to deliver invoices on time, eliminate human error, offer world-class service, and build profits while you do it.

visibility billing

Handoffs Without Hiccups

Visibility that Keeps Everyone on the Same Page

Seamlessly transition projects and tasks to keep your communication flowing without ever worrying about accountability and visibility. Allow every department to work as a single, cohesive team, all from one application – ConnectWise Manage.
handoff hiccups

handoff hiccups

Explore the Features of Manage

How ConnectWise Manage Helps You Achieve Service Excellence

Implement Simpler Ticketing

Great service starts with a ticketing strategy that can manage requests coming from every direction – phone calls, emails, even live chats. ConnectWise Manage ticketing captures all communication, then tracks and documents every step until the job is complete.

Power the Potential of Dispatch

Dispatch holds the key to creating order when it comes to managing resources. ConnectWise Manage provides easy visibility into service team availability, allowing quick prioritization and intelligent scheduling.

Get Instant Support with Chat

Innovative chat functionality from ConnectWise Manage allows multiple requests to be handled simultaneously and immediately, with real-time, two-way communication and visibility. Every conversation is logged and clients have instant access to you whenever they need you.

Be Anywhere with Mobile

Your tech team’s productivity shouldn’t be tethered to the office. ConnectWise Manage Mobile gives 24/7 remote access to everything from scheduling to documenting work and tracking time, so efficiency in the field knows no bounds.

Automate for Better Service

One sudden emergency can derail your entire service schedule if you’re not prepared. ConnectWise Manage workflows simplify the process by automating the escalation of service tickets, notifications, and team assignments so you stay on track.

Report on Your Service Health

To make strategic decisions about your company’s service management, you need all the facts. ConnectWise Manage service dashboards and reporting options provide data on ticket details, issue resolution times, and service team performance.

See What You Want, Where You Want It

Customize your ticket view to include all the facts you need on a single screen, choose the information you need most, and arrange it in a way that works for you.

Dispatch with a New View

Gain full visibility into your team resources for efficient daily schedule management and prioritization of emergencies.

Tickets and Time At-A-Glance

Stay on top of ticket aging, time-to-resolution history, and total billable hours all with on-demand, one-screen data.


Deliver on Customer Expectations with these Features

Set up Agreements

ConnectWise Manage helps you get desired results from agreements by establishing service expectations and automating the management of client contracts, including cloud services. Support your cash flow by automating recurring billing.

Simplify SLA Management

The ConnectWise Manage SLA setup helps you decide which tickets to take care of first, depending on your clients’ service delivery expectations. Determine unique response plans and resolution times with custom calendars and matrices, then track every step.

Improve Workflows

To avoid breaching SLA contracts, ConnectWise Manage automates reminders to the appropriate resources and also helps you proactively renew expiring contracts. You’ll also stay updated when clients reach a low support balance, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Custom, Flexible Agreement Options

Choose to use existing templates, or customize client-specific agreements with flexibility in adjusting billing rates and support coverage.

Easily Adjustable Billing Options

Add charges for additional products related to the agreement.

Agreement Profitability Visibility

See all time entries that have been applied to an agreement, and easily determine profitability.

A Better Experience for You, and Your Customers

360° View

See every touchpoint with a client or company, with a system that stores all tickets, purchases, projects, and communications in one place.

Full Transparency

Improve communication with a closed-loop system and detailed documentation of activities. See client history at a glance, and provide your team with a transparent and consistent flow of communication with your client.


Predefine processes for handling issues, onboarding clients, assigning training, or following up on late payments. Remove uncertainty and create a consistent customer experience.

Financial Relationship

Access to accurate financial and KPI reporting ensures your executive team is ahead of the game. Always know where you stand financially with each client.

Control Your Margins

Bill, manage, and monitor your clients’ Amazon Web Services® (AWS) and Cisco® solutions— Cisco® Spark™, Cisco Meraki™, Cisco Stealthwatch™ Cloud, and Cisco Umbrella™—and do it all from a central console with multi-tenancy. Deliver one invoice to clients for all services.

Full Visibility

Get a comprehensive look at every client or company interaction.

Take Command of Your Ecosystem

Manage multiple service portfolios from a single pane of glass.

Explore the Sales & Marketing Features

Create Simple, Professional Emails

Easily create professional HTML emails using pre-made customizable templates with editable fields and drag and drop functionality, then start targeting custom groups.

Know Your Campaign’s Performance

Drill into each campaign to determine emails opened, links clicked and forms submitted. Then use that data for lead scoring.

Create & Track Opportunities

Create and manage sales opportunities with centralized access to every interaction. Find all communication, activities, and product/service details in one place.

Guarantee Faster Follow-Up

Streamline your sales process by automating follow-up activities such as phone calls and emails, so communication remains consistent and no opportunity goes cold.

Monitor Your Pipeline

Set and stay on top of team quotas, and follow opportunities through the sales funnel, using data to make strategic decisions based on the hottest opportunities.

Rely on Automatic Communication

Follow sales progress with automatic notifications, set reminders for deals to close and agreements to renew, and notify the team of won opportunities.

What You Want, When You Want It

Inventory Management

Manage inventory quantities, automatically see what needs to be ordered to fulfill minimum stock counts, adjust inventory count, sync to Quickbooks, and easily report on what inventory goes to what client.

Seamless Handoffs

Move information easily from sales to procurement, service, and finance. Keep every team on the same page with shared visibility.

Mobile Access

Give your techs the ability to pick products from a mobile device—and see accurate inventory counts—when they’re on-site with customers.

Track Every Minute

Whether it’s billable time or non-billable hours, you’ll be able to track it all and immediately see how much time you’ve spent on a ticket or project. Allocate time to associated agreements and SLAs, and keep accurate notes that are easily accessible to the whole team.

Capture Every Billable Minute

Your team works hard. Make sure they’re getting paid for the work they’re doing. ConnectWise Manage makes it simple for your teams to track their time on-site, keeping time accurate and notes immediate, so that you don’t miss out on earned income.

No-Hassle Approvals

If you’re tired of chasing down techs to enter time at yesterday’s job or write up notes from last week’s work just so that you can approve a timesheet, it’s time to stop. Keep it fast, efficient, and intuitive with accountability tools inside ConnectWise Manage that make approvals faster than ever.

Maximum Utilization

When you’re accounting for every hour of the day, and you’ve got powerful visibility into who’s doing what and when, it’s simple to make sure utilization is at its peak. Keep your techs busy, working on the projects and tickets you’ve set as priorities.

Better, Clearer Invoices

Seamlessly carry over tracked billable time, notes, products sold, and expenses into invoices for crystal-clear billing, and rely on automation to get invoices out the door on time, every time.

Bill Your Way

With the power to create and customize your invoices to meet the specific needs of your business and your clients, you’ve got billing mastered. So whether you need to bill by user, product, or service – or even a combination of them all – ConnectWise Manage has you covered. Prorate billing for new customers, and even pre-bill for everything from routine maintenance to cloud services.

Account for Every Hour, Every Day

Centralize time tracking for every work period, so that you can keep track of what work was performed.

Maximize Utilization

Get better insight into which employees are your highest performers, and keep your techs as billable as possible.

Your Invoices, Your Way

Stop providing invoices that don’t meet client needs. Instead, customize them to be exactly what your clients are expecting, including international currency formatting.

Transition from Sales to Projects

Seamlessly convert a ConnectWise Manage sales opportunity into a project, so nothing slips through the cracks and you can begin work immediately.

Full 360° Visibility

See project resources, statuses, easily identify road blocks, see timelines, and have full visibility to empower strategic decision making.

Customizable Work Plans

Plan and design your projects with phases and project tasks. Assign and schedule resources, create dependencies, set timelines, and manage the budget. Even create templates for repeatable tasks.

Efficient Dispatching

Schedule resources and see everyone’s schedule all in one screen. Take advantage of drag & drop functionality to dynamically adjust project tasks on the fly.

Gantt Views

Access a graphical view of your projects to clearly see where dependencies and scheduling conflicts are happening.

Project Billing

Quickly and intuitively bill for products, time, and expenses. Set approval processes, and pull everything into a client-ready invoice.

Examine Profitablity

Gain visibility into profitablity metrics to quickly see where you’re making money, and where you’re losing it. Better understand which customers are bringing in profit, and your true employee costs.

Stay Current on Issues

See everything—from time to resolution to open ticket count, ticket backlogs, SLAs, and project hours—at a glance. Gauge time per project or resource, and see which employees are best using their time.

Forecast Sales

Forecast your sales with a look at which opportunities are ready to close and how much you can expect to make. Break down opportunities by employee to judge ROI.